Stuck at home?

Stuck at home?

What now?

The trending topic this week in America is the coronavirus, and we know it’s overwhelming. Every time you turn on the news it’s something, or it spread somewhere else! For all the “IT GIRLS” Stuck at home we wanted to share 6 things to do while indoors bored.

If you’re anything like us, you probably don’t spend much time at home. We are always on the go, and being home has turned into a culture shock for us. We typically spend Sundays planning the week, but this Sunday was different with the coronavirus spreading around. We understand that each “IT GIRL” travels a different path so...

 1. Create a bucket list

Have you ever heard of a bucket list? A bucket list is a collection of things that you typically would do before dying, or if you had more time! A bucket list is a useful tool that can inspire goals on your personal journey. Zip lining is on the top of owner, Marielie Bourdon bucket list. A good bucket list should be creative and fun. The only thing you need for a bucket list is a piece of paper, pen and open mind. 

2. Clean hair & make up brushes

3. Exfoliate & Deep cleanse your face

Any facial product should work, but be sure to moisturize. Good skin is always in!

4. Exercise!!

5. Clean the closets 

We believe cleaning out your closet can actually be very therapeutic. Why? Because you can find trash, and pieces of gold. Cleaning out your closet can turn into an all-day process, but were here to help. Stick to the basics and donate any clothes that no longer serve any purpose. Someone is always in need of clothing, and you might have that piece tucked away in your dresser. Be sure to hang all your designer and treasure pieces. This is the perfect time to wine and pair all the missing socks around the house. Put on some music and have your husband and kids join in.

6. Read a book

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Happy to help.

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