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This is such a perfect time to unwind and relax. Dazzling dayz are ahead of us, and we must put ourselves first all the time! I've complied some things that you can do at home for the spa ambiance while at home.

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Today we wanted to share 10 Productive things to-do during Covid-19 quarantine that we believe would be useful. We truly understand how hard this time can be for everyone with social distancing, no school, or work.

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Welcome Derrecka of IMAE Designs as she joins Anessa and Mari on a quick exclusive trip to Chicago. Style Max is the one and only place to be if you own a store, small boutique or in my case- online based direct to customer. The Style Max event weekend host hundreds of top brands and designers show casing each individual item they have to offer in one setting. The Max is a fashionistas dream come true with give a ways, styling tips, fashion shows, and magically the opportunity to network with other retail business owners. ( Mari and Derrecka viewing...

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