Tips on the Coronavirus

Tips on the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We value your patronage and wanted to share tips on how to stay safe from the coronavirus. The coronavirus is a global epidemic and can affect us at any time, so it’s important for us to take steps together on staying virus free. We understand how stressful this time can be with the lack of resources being provided to us by the United States government. The coronavirus was discovered In the live markets early this year in Wuhan, China and has quickly spread throughout the world. The virus affects the respiratory systems of both animals and people. The coronavirus has similar symptoms to the flu such as fever, cough and shortness of breath. 

The coronavirus is spreading From person to person, and obviously with anyone who is infected with the virus. The virus is spreading throughout the United States and has since killed 30 people, and thousands globally. Lock down has been ordered in large populated areas throughout the world like Wuhan and Italy. The president has placed warnings on traveling in United State, and banded the travel to and from Europe. The coronavirus is in full affect and these are the steps that we have been given to control the virus.


The exposure rates of the virus are rising and if you’re sick please stay home and talk to your healthcare provider on the next steps to take. We get it, you have families to provide for and the virus is Spreading quickly and nobody has the answers. We suggest talking to your healthcare provider on testing to relieve stress and speed up any needed recovery. If you couldn’t afford to travel a month ago, it’s also as important to stay home.


The virus is spread from person to person!! Make sure you are washing your hands with soap and water after interacting with people for at least 20 seconds. Avoid touching your face and mouth while practicing proper hygiene with your household and coworkers. Ladies use extra caution when using make up and keeping your face clean. Spend less time in large populated areas while the virus is spreading. It’s OK to cancel an event or two to protect your health.


It’s important to gather with your immediate families and create a plan on how to stay safe if someone becomes infected. Stock up on household items and food you think your family will need in case of an emergency. Be aware and mindful of others when shopping due to the limited availability on products and medicines. If someone is unaware of the virus educate them on ways to say safe and inform them of local health care facilities who provide testing.

We are still open for online shopping and will continue to provide any updates from government officials in the meantime. The coronavirus isn’t spread through the packaging of our products. 

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