My Passion For Fashion

My Passion For Fashion

My Passion For Fashion Started At A Very Young Age, I Was Known As The Stylish Little Girl That Always Dressed Up. The Household I Grew Up In Had Huge Closets Filled With Coats, Dresses, Shoes and Mirrors On Every Door.

My Biggest Fashion Inspiration Happened When I Began To Watch The TV Show “How Do I Look”. The TV Show Featured a Guest Who Received A Dream Wardrobe Makeover. This TV Show Changed Lives! The Show Was Hosted By One of My Favorites Jeannie Mai! 

Fashion Is Sooo Endless! I Love to Make People Feel Good in a one of a Kind outfit! As A Stylist I Love To Pair Vibrant And Dull Colors Into One Outfit; This Gives A Chic, Yet Fun Glam Vibe! 

Quickly Using Experience, I Was Able To Use My Platform For Aspiring Models & Designers to Show Case Their Talents With Fashion Shows.  

Stay tuned for some customized designs and Second Annual Fashion Show! Follow me on Instagram @stylistmarib 


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