Summer Favorites

Summer Favorites

Summer Strong 

We are so happy as a brand that it is finally summer with new fashion and beauty to look forward too. Last quarter we worked with our new trendy it girl beauty collection featuring the liquid lipstick, blush and satin lipstick. The colors in the it girl beauty box are very vibrant and leave a stain for long lasting everyday wear.

We can’t get to caught on the beauty and leave out our hot new accessories!! I have literally taken my Classic make up bag with me everywhere, it fits perfectly inside of my purse. The make up bag comes with inside pockets and compartments that easily fit all the essentials you need. 

Here at London's Alley, we stress the need for self care and love. In this picture you will see captures of owner Marielie as she rocks the Maybee liquid lipstick for a night on the town in south beach. 

Not rocket science! 

Fashion killas wanted!

This summer I added a few new kids Tees to the collection, and this one is a customer fave. I’m a single parent and I respect mothers who go the extra mile to groom their child. Alivia is also in love with the TEES this summer, and gratefully has her own new sense of style. 

The Beat Box 

All the colors you need girlfriend! This new kit features three pink/nude tones that work for everyday. These are liquid lipsticks, and not gloss.. so no need to apply extra. 

A Girl’s Dream community collaborated with London’s Alley to combine their skills in the design process to the makeup market. Manar, Rachael, and Ivett have designed their own liquid lipstick to be featured in the new “Beat Box” collection. The natural pink shades are vegan made and perfect for summer days Turned into nights. The box can be purchased on our website for $30.00 plus shipping for a limited time. 

Keep in mind all purchases made with A Girl’s Dream collection are fully supporting a good cause. For every purchase 10% will be donated to the girls of the community for organization needs. This means so much to us as a company to really give back! Especially, to these amazing ladies who have paved a new way for girls looking to expand their careers. 

I chose shocking pink because it has a very strong vibe to it. It is very bright and bold. I chose fortune because it symbolizes luck and mystery. The color is luxurious. Pink pop has a very fun color. It shows passion and loving energy.” -Manar 

About A Girl’s Dream

A Girl's Dream has a mission to advocate for the increase of women of color in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) fields. “A Girl’s Dream” means exactly as it stated, every girl has a dream to explore and pursue something she is truly passionate about, but sometimes barriers like financial capabilities, lack of resources, or even the inequality between genders stand in our way. Our program will take away all of the barriers that are in their way and help flourish their dreams into reality.

For more opportunities check out A Girl’s Dream Instagram or contact Via email!
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Please be advised that all orders take up to 10 days to arrive and can sign up for text alerts while you wait for your trendy new merch!

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If you live in Tampa Area, Stop inside of Heartless Human inside of University Mall and check out a larger variety of merchandise. 

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