Lip conditioner

Lip conditioner

Lets get Lippy,

The lip conditioner is by far our juicy buy! The formula has really changed the overall appearance of my lips. 

We use raw ingredients like shea butter, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, and avocado oil to impress customers with every use.

I began testing the product in January and instantly fell in love with the jar, smell, and most importantly the texture. Our lip conditioner is a perfect mixture somewhere in between thick and sheer. 

Directions: Apply small amount using finger tips or disposable lip brush every few hours for continuous hydration to lips. 

Mother Day 2021

We we’re able to travel to Miami Florida for Mother’s Day 2021. The trip was super unexpected and turned out to be such a success with my mother and daughter. We stayed at the como metropolitan Miami Beach hotel and resorts with amazing amenities like a rooftop pool, pool bar, fitness center, and even a hip restaurant on site.

I wanted to bring the lip conditioner, because we needed to test the product in a different climate. Miami is hot, literally not a lie! The lip conditioner is in a glass jar and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Unfortunately, due to the sun exposure in Miami even the glass jar will break a sweat. 

The lip conditioner can be ordered directly from our website for $15.00 plus shipping, and ships to you in 4-7 business days. 


Since, the trip to Miami was unexpected I was able to capture some really cool pictures of myself on the beach with total self love!

I was able to spend some alone time and reflect on awesome things that make me, me! How do you spend time and reflect?

Ladies or gentlemen you know… it’s really, really, really all about the angles.

Do you have a favorite angle? Comment down below or post a picture for inspiration to someone else.

I’m not a preacher, but I do wear my peachy tea eyeshadow! 


All orders can take up to 10 days to arrive and you can sign up for text alerts.

Send a message for more information on sizing to

If you live in Tampa Area, Stop inside of Heartless Human inside of University Mall and check out a larger variety of merchandise. 

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