I wanted to make a winter self care menu surrounding the importance of self care for woman and men. I love to brag about it all the time. Not literally so please take what I say with a grain of salt, it’s really not my fault. I’ve always been rough around the edges knowing that any mark is left only with love and impressions.

If your reading this you probably have a sense of courage and walk by faith! I’m here for the woman who will do anything to get to where they need to be with integrity. Integrity has taught me many things throughout life and shined the importance of why the grass is almost never greener on the other side. As woman we tend to want to follow the trends an I’m here to say that yes this is true, and we should all strive to blossom.

We all have different seeds with ways of growing and knowing who, how, and when to water them truly matters. I’ve drained myself in the past not knowing how, who, and what. I had to teach myself that the people, places and things we water always grow. Check out these beautiful sunflowers I picked up in Armada, Michigan. They have a huge family owned and operated farm called Blake’s! It’s so breathtaking and perfect for the family, or even a charming getaway. 

Let’s begin by mixing all the ingredients together that I believe should be added to you’re daily winter self care! “I’m a pop star not a doctor”,  so please be advised that what works for me might not work for you! Do what works best for you!! The choices that I make are always in my best interest; never comparing my life to others. I will kindly remind you 10000x if I’m you’re influencer. 


As many of you notice, I’ve been relaxing and working at the same time. It’s a balance in between the two and for some reason it has worked for me! Try relaxing if you notice that you have been overly stressing, depressed or facing anxiety with everything going on.


It’s so easy to be lazy over working on yourself and I’m here to remind you that YOU can do it. Stretching helps your muscles relax and you will notice quickly the difference it makes on our bodies. 

Buy Fresh Flowers 

I love flowers duhhh, my back yard is a garden ✨

Flowers come in many different shapes, colors and sizes. They all come with different scents as well! Stop in one of your local small business and support a florist. 

Try New Food

I’ve served in restaurants in the past and I promise that you have not tried everything. Their is always a new food to try, or even a recipe on the Internet of something that you have personally been dying to make. During quarantine I’ve tried lots of new recipes to keep the kitchen fun. 

Go on a Walk 

I’m a big sight seeing person. I love a to die for view. This last fall season I went on a beautiful walk check out these pictures for the evidence. Walking increases basic perform to ultimately move around better!  

Try A New Class

Omg! Right now with the global pandemic in full effect many people have been offering classes online! This past fall I hosted Tampa Twerk on Thursday and I can’t believe the lovely results on my body! 

Arts and crafts 

it’s the Holiday season and getting crafty can mean soooo many cool things. First HELLO... start by carving a beautiful round orange pumpkin. Pumpkins can add nice decor to the outside of you’re home. Once finished carving, look up a pumpkin seed or delicious pumpkin pie recipe. Building a snowman is always a good choice. 


Create a Vision Board 

Nobody Knows your dream the way you do! It’s important to always keep a vision board near by to make sure that you are following a plan with pure intentions on you’re life. 


it’s the morals for me! Each of us has our own set of morals that we set for ourselves and it’s like our TV guide to high we handle our life. When we make decisions with integrity we have a sense of clarity of the situations leaving no expectations, hurt, guilt or even a temper tantrum. Integrity is like being genuinely honest and having mountain top morals. Are you catching my drift? More woman and man should know that they are important. At some point in life I know you wanted to be a super hero, and I’m here to remind you that sense of self is a true power. For this Halloween this past October I was thinking of being super woman, since I carry around weight so well. 

We all have bad days. Can you agree? We also all have very good days. What do you say? If you ever notice the difference in the two it’s about the perspective, and the way we chose to live and handle that day. No matter what type of day it turns into I remember to be grateful for the things that I have, and not forgetting the things I do not control. Self control is definitely another topic and I would love to share more about in the future. I believe the way to self control starts with having knowledge of ones self! 

Vision Board Party on December 6, 2020 @ Noon 

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