This is such a perfect time to unwind and relax. Dazzling dayz are ahead of us, and we must put ourselves first all the time! I've complied some things that you can do at home for the spa ambiance while at home. When we think of the spa we automatically reminisce on all the wonderful trips we had and the unexplained moments. Ironically, the spa is fun, but YOU can do the same things at home for a lot cheaper. I personally plan Bi-annual trips to the spa to save for other things throughout the year. 

We hope everyone is safe, and really taking the proper precautions through this unfortunate time. We miss spending time with friends, playing dressing up in London's Alley and having spicy brand photo shoots. Here at London's Alley, we stress the need for self care and love because its very important and never should be taken lightly. I lost a cousin last year, and honestly it was so hard to just go back to work and act like it never happened! I've been able to take many spa days and just reflect on life over the last few weeks. I knew this would be the perfect time to share at home spa tips and ideas during quarantine. I’m not a spa technician, but I was able to become empowered on the inspiration this might give you to hug and love yourself more.

Set The Mood

Let the magic begin, turn on the hot water in the bath tub.. let the steam rise and get the mood started. Place your cell phone on do not disturb, and if you have children find something fun and effective to occupy their time. This is the fun part of course, go and grab all your favorite candles while you wait for the bath to fill. We love scents like cedar woods, coconut, vanilla, and Fresh Linen. Picking the right candle could be difficult if your not a candle fan and do not have any laying around the house. I'm here to tell you that any dollar store or drug store candle will do the trick, and glade candles are great and inexpensive as well. We do not suggest leaving any candles unattended while having your spa time.

We hear salt lamps are the new trend, or have been for years in fact! My sister has one and says she actually sleeps with it on every night and enjoys the striking benefits. Bring all your foot scrubs and toe cleaning essentials, and get ready for a polish after the bath. Give your toe nails a makeover, and let them breathe. If you have read my blogs In the past then you will know that I just got an awesome nail kit, it’s packed with all the necessities! I also picked up some new gel polish from beetles with the UV lamp to seal the deal. This brands color selection is so vibrant and they have them on sell on amazon with pretty quick shipping. Try a new design that you have been wanting for you are the creator. 

Bath Bomb

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not forget the Epsom soaking salt! I love the extra minty smell of the eucalyptus, because it really opens up your respiratory system. Bath soaking salt is so over looked and a easy grab and go. Bubble bath is a must have, and adds the true touch of spa time! Come on now who doesn't love bubbles, it leaves your skin feeling irresistibly fresh, soft and new. Bath bombs and rose petals are essential secrets in disguise. I'll never forget my first time having rose petals in the bath, when I was finished I immediately felt the radiance of renewal on my skin. 

Grab A Mask

Super rare find in the stores these days, a mask! However, silly! i'm talking about an actual beauty facial mask. We promise you can find these somewhere and if not Pinterest is always a great tool for making DIY facial mask using products from home naturally. Two Cucumber slices will help soothe this process and bring relief to your eye area. Surprisingly, a cucumber has enough vitamins to reduce swelling around the eye. We live for a face mask, its so pampering and delightful. Face mask are rejuvenating and help open up your pores to get rid of oils and dead skin cells blocking your natural glow. Here are a few of our favorite drugstore and Target finds:

  • Que Bella Beauty (detoxifying, illuminating glitter peel, pore minimizing)
  • L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask (Black Charcoal, eucalyptus)
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost
  • Yes to ANY and ALL 

I prefer to use the steamer before putting on a face mask, but the steam from the bath will work the same. what are some of your favorite mask? Comment down below and give me some ideas on what to try next.

Jis Island Beauty

Hydrate the LIPS 

Face mask are super important for our skin but we shouldn't just forget about our lips. I love when my lips feel juicy and fresh! I know my lip gloss is poppin'! We believe you should too, put down your regular car-max and grab a New 100% homemade lip gloss from Jis island Beauty. Check out her page for some of the benefits. Click Here We have some on the way in the mail so we cannot wait to review it and try ours. I have been needing a new every day go to and super excited to try it! If you have one already drop a comment down below of your favorite type? 

Turn up the music

Hello, you know what to do! if anyone knows me, knows I love DRAKE’S MUSIC!! Every where I go I let the DJ know that they should be playing Drake. If you click the link above you can view all of his billboard hits. The quarantine has really opened up my eyes for the need of music, art, fashion and culture. I've always been aware of the importance, but this time its a little different when everything we are seeing is black and white. Lets stay strong together while you grab your favorite tune. I have apple music and I personally play the focus playlist every time I hop in the the tub for relaxing. We suggest playing music that you love and can really unwind too. Music has its positive and negative benefits so it’s important to choose wisely. 


Nothing feels better then our skin feeling clean with a nice slap of moisture! This is life changing for many people, because I grew up with people who I seen did not care. My grandmother taught me at a you age the interesting benefits of moisturizing your skin and face. Like, Running all day, and everyday really adds years to your skin that we never even notice are there. 

Its like a breakthrough sometimes when you notice the big difference all this can make when you add quick techniques to your daily routine. I always tell girls that I mentor that they will never know if they do not try. The same scenario usually plays for all of us and should not be taken lightly. Truly take this time and invest in yourself. 

 Take Care of YOU!

 New Arrivals


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Don't forget London’s Alley is looking for ladies to join our FIT IT GIRL movement during the COVID-19 quarantine. An IT GIRL is trendy, timeless and stylish’ and we believe every IT GIRL should be fit of course. All ladies should workout together and encourage one another to do the same. It has been proven over and over that we perform at our best ability when we are fit. 

London’s Alley would love to re-post your video to our page and inspire someone else! 

Happy to help.

Thank you all for taking the time to read.. We enjoy your feed back, leave a comment down below! 

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