3 Ways To Instantly Feel Gratitude

3 Ways To Instantly Feel Gratitude

Happy Wednesday!!

Covid-19 has really given us all a reality check, and it has shut down about everything besides our faith, hope and love to give one another. At London’s Alley we truly hope everyone had a blessed and peaceful Easter Sunday with immediate family the best way possible. This was truly hard for us all not to visit with family and friends during lock down. 

Today we wanted to share 3 ways that we believe you will instantly feel gratitude. Gratitude is when we feel thankful, respected, and have acknowledgment of oneself. Surprisingly, being grateful leads us to more blessings, or in other words better results. When you invite the energy of stillness in your life it opens a playing field of opportunities. I have read an article about how its known as a leading factor in the Improvement of our mental health. check it out here. 

Two things I have learned is fear and pride will leave us like a prune and dried out. Unfortunately, I let fear enter and think that things could possibly go wrong, and forgot to take the chances to overcome personal goals and obstacles that I needed to take. It took me a while to find a happy place and I’m comfortable sharing with you that mistakes due happen. 

I have personally been through major transformations these last couple of months, and have been feeling super grateful for the things surrounding me. I’ve had so much progression; yet still more too come with discipline and the determination to strive for success. 

Fear becomes a spokesperson and replaces the faith that we were naturally born with. We let fear take over our daily lives. We begin to fear different things, and start to make excuse that lead to us unhappiness, and wrong doings.

As a society we collectively have to stop confusing imagination with reality. It’s become natural to take pride in feeling accepted in today's society. It's sickening to run into so many adults with this horrible mentality. Together we can change anything and together we can become grateful for one another. 

1. Be thankful for what and who you have 

Everyone wants instant gratification in today’s society, and we forget about the people in front of us. Since a young age I traveled and I noticed that majority of people seemed unhappy. I quickly learned that people thought they would be blessed somewhere else, or in a better situation if they were in someone else’s shoes.

I’ve done it before myself so I can for sure tell you it’s true! However truly feeling thankful for what and who we have is it all that matters! I always talk about being one with yourself and this is another reason. It makes us feel empowered to love the people in front of us. 

As humans we tend to have so much pride that we mistakenly forget that life is a learning experience, yet no matter how much we try we always need each other. 

2. Control your physical and mental emotions 

Sometimes we have moments when we have no control over our feelings, and it can be good or bad. However, the reality is that we will never understand what people truly go through or how they deal with emotions. Being kind, and nice to others is a great way to start controlling yourself mentally. We always have total control of any situation if we are being kind hearted to ourself and others. 

I started my brand because I wanted to help girl’s become more confident in their own skin. This is very important for me to teach others to be comfortable with who they are mentally and physically. 

3. Learn to forgive 

it seems simple, right? but deep down in our hearts we know to truly forgive someone we must actually forget. I’m not saying forget the person, yet forgive whatever it was that hurt you. It’s always easier said then done. 

One step to become more forgiving is realizing and taking ownership for your own actions. Nobody wants to be the bad guy in any given situation, and it’s hard to be honest and especially with ourselves. Give yourself time and space to think about your actions. Once we learn to have a forgiving heart things will come so naturally to us. 

It’s super important to make getting to know yourself a top priority, and it’s okay to take off the mask that everyone else is wearing. True gratitude can only be measured when you have committed to your true self. 


Thank you for taking the time to join us on our blog, we appreciate you! Its is a new day and its never to late to be thankful or to show gratitude for one another.

Always remember everything is a process and a little effort each day makes a big difference for your vision. Have ambition about your life today and take the ownership needed to succeed on your journey by taking the first steps to having more gratitude. 

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